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Home Seller Tip: Termite Prevention

Home Seller Tip: Termite Prevention
From HGTV:
Decks and other structures made of wood should be built on concrete piers, not in direct wood-to-soil contact, for the least chance of termite infestation.
This article from HGTV is full of simple and practical tips. One of the many things we consistently see over and over when walking through a home on a listing appointment or taking buyers to see a house is random pieces of wood. Wood that has been left in the backyard on the ground somewhere, on the side of the house leaning against a wall of the house, or in the garage. 
A couple of easy and inexpensive ways to prevent attracting termites is to eliminate any wood lying around the yard, in the garage, etc. Combine this with keeping trees trimmed regularly, and you will easily save yourself hundreds, if not a few thousand dollars in wood damage repairs when it comes time to sell your home.

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